Product Care & Repair Services

Caring for Jewellery

  1. Take off your jewellery before your daily rituals such as showering, applying lotion, perfume, etc.
  2. Leave your jewellery at home before engaging in strenuous activities to avoid dents, scratches and loosening diamonds from their settings.
  3. Keep your jewellery away from chemicals such as perfume, hair spray, cosmetics, lotion, etc.
  4. Take off your jewellery before going to bed and store them in a safe place.
  5. It’s a headache to untangle a necklace. To make sure the chain does not tangle, clasp the necklace every time you remove your necklaces.
  6. Avoid storing your jewellery in extreme heat or cold, in damp places or in direct sunlight.
  7. While there are several ways to clean your jewellery, a soft toothbrush, mild dish soap and warm water usually does the trick to keep them bright and radiant.

Caring for Pearl

  1. Pearls should be the final touch to your outfit. Last on, first off. Avoid applying makeup, hairspray, lotion or perfume once your pearls are on.
  2. Never shower with your pearls on and always wipe them gently after wearing with a soft cloth. All in all, you should remove your jewellery before showering to prolong the life and luster of your investment.
  3. Store pearl necklaces flat to prevent them from stretching. Avoid hanging pearl strands on a jewellery rack.
  4. Pearls are delicate and prone to scratches, please store them in fabric-lined compartments.
  5. Wear your pearls often. Wearing them frequently keeps them from dehydrating.
  6. If the radiance of your pearl jewellery appears to be diminishing, take it to a specialist. An ultrasonic cleaner or hot steam should never be used with pearl jewellery as it can damage the pearls.

Repairing Services & Recycle Program

For repairing services of Royale Diamond Jewellery, please feel free to fill-in the online form here. The charge varies from the damages in addition to the shipping cost.  

Recycle Gold 

The majority of our jewellery is crafted in 100% recycled gold from reclaimed jewellery pieces. When you send jewellery back to us through our lifetime buy-back program we melt down your pieces and create new products from them, to be enjoyed again and again.